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Impregnated Fabric

Nitrile and Vinyl Impregnated Gloves from Ansell

Just as the name suggests, impregnated gloves are work gloves made from fabric impregnated with a particular synthetic resin, such as nitrile, vinyl or PVC for additional strength, durability and protection. Stretch fabric is commonly used in impregnated gloves to make sure additional flexibility and comfort. Nitrile impregnated gloves, such as the Ansell Hynit gloves provide great resistance to punctures, abrasion, cuts and snags and outwear light leather gloves approximately 4 to 1 and simple 8 oz cotton gloves by up to 10 to 1 times. Vinyl impregnated gloves are not as heavy-duty, but they offer excellent dexterity and non-slip properties. Vinyl impregnated gloves such as the Ansell STD 1-114 gloves are snug and form-fitting and are recommended to be used when oily and slippery objects need to be handled. Most impregnated gloves are fully launderable.
Resin impregnated gloves are designed to be used in package handling, regular maintenance work, inspections and small parts handling. Heavier varieties of nitrile impregnated gloves, such as the Ansell Hyd-Tuf 52-547 gloves, can be used in more heavy-duty operations – iron casting, steel handling and operating heavy machinery.

Legion Safety Products currently supplies several different styles of nitrile and vinyl impregnated gloves from Ansell. Check back for product additions or contact us if you require something currently unlisted on the site.
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