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Tingley Rubber Boots and Overshoes

Tingley Rubber is among the premier manufacturers of dependable work boots and overshoes. Their rubber boots range from economical to premium models with multiple comfort features, but all of them provide a level of quality, reliability and craftsmanship that is second to none. Tingley's PVC, natural rubber and Neoprene boots are available in a variety of styles and lengths, offering a selection of outsoles, each providing benefits for different types of applications. Get Tingley's footwear to protect your favorite leather work boots or put their safety rubber boots directly onto your feet - they will keep your feet safer and make sure that the weather stays outside.

Tingley manufactures rubber work boots from natural rubber, PVC, neoprene and other specialty materials designed for additional chemical resistance and safety. Some of the models come with steel toes that meet or exceed ASTM F 2413 requirements. Both boots and overboots are available, depending on what the needs of your applications require.

Outsole styles available from Tingley Rubber

  • Cleated outsoles on rubber boots are a good choice for rubber safety boots that are to be used outdoors. The larger spacing between cleats on these types of soles helps provide better grip in mud and to also spit out debris. Since there is a reduced surface area on these soles, they may have lower slip resistance for indoor applications and might wear a bit faster since there is less material for wear.
  • Chevron outsoles are great for rubber work boots intended for food processing applications. With the high number of edges, they provide good slip resistance indoors where not much debris is present.
  • Chevron Plus soles are similar to regular Chevron outsoles but provide more cleat material, improving wear life and improving self-cleaning properties of the soles. Work boots with these types of soles are best for wet contaminated surfaces.
  • Safety-Loc outsoles are a great solution for applications that require slip resistant rubber boots and do not have debris on the floor. They provide great slip resistance on smooth clean surfaces, but are not recommended in applications where debris might get caught in the small spaces between the cleats.
  • Sure Grip outsoles on Tingles boots provide great abrasion resistance for longer wear life and offer good slip resistance, while the large cleats help spit out debris rather effectively.