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Superior SKSCTB SilaChlor Lined Kevlar® High Heat Gloves

Superior SKSCTB SilaChlor Lined Kevlar High Heat Gloves
Superior’s revolutionary new heat-resistant gloves bring together three high-performance materials in one high-functioning glove. What previously required the wearing of a high heat mitt, is now available in a heat resistant glove.Thanks to Superior SilaChlor®, you can get all that in a glove instead of a mitt, and more. These gloves are a combination of Kevlar®, SilaChlor® and Temperbloc® and meet ASTM standards for Level 5 Heat, Level 4 Cut, and Level 3 Puncture protection.



Manufacturer SKU SKSCTB
Legion Safety # SPSKSCTB-S-PR


  • Steel mills
  • Metal fabrication
  • Casting
  • Foundries
  • Light welding
  • High-heat jobs that require good dexterity
  • Industrial applications in mid temperature range

Superior SKSCTB SilaChlor Lined Kevlar® High Heat Gloves Comments