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Self Retracting Lifelines

A large selection of self retracting lifelines is available at great prices from Legion Safety. Our personal fall limiter (PFL) options vary in designs and materials, offering either web or cable retractable lanyards of lengths between 12 and 50 feet. Please call or email us if you may require additional information on our products or if you cannot find a SRL that you feel would work best on our website - we will happily advise you on pricing and availability of any standard self-retracting lanyard, personal fall limiter or any other fall protection equipment from DBI Sala, Capital Safety, Miller Safety or MSA.

  • DBI Sala Sealed Self Retracting LifelineDBI Sala Sealed Self Retracting Lifeline$1647.70each
  • DBI Sala Talon Self Retracting LifelineDBI Sala Talon Self Retracting LifelineThe DBI Sala Talon Self-Retracting Lifeline stops falls quickly and effectively, reducing the need for shock absorbtion and ensuring comfort and ease for its user. Meets OHSA and ANSI standards.$273.70each
  • DBI Sala Ultra-Lok Self Retracting LifelineDBI Sala Ultra-Lok Self Retracting LifelineThe DBI Sala Ultra-Lok Self-Retracting Lifeline gives the user comfort and protection with lightweight materials, durable web or cable style design and reserve materials for exceptional shock absorbtion. Meets OHSA and ANSI standards.$641.90each
  • MSA Dyna Lock Self Retracting LanyardMSA Dyna Lock Self Retracting LanyardThe MSA Dyna-Lock Self-Retracting Lanyard is for use with anchors and harnesses to prevent falls from elevated surfaces. It is fully certified for use in fall protection and has a durable, lightweight design for the comfort of the user.$582.20each
  • MSA Workman Personal Fall LimitersMSA Workman Personal Fall LimitersThe MSA Workman Personal Fall Limiter works with anchors and harnesses to protect against sudden falls. Meeting OHSA and ANSI regulations and CSA certified, these fall limiters are durable and lightweight simultaneously.$140.20each