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Safety Toe Leather Boots

Safety toe leather boots offer great protection for your feet. In fact, some jobs require feet and toe protection which make safety toe leather boots a necessity in some instances. The most common type of safety toe boots are those made with a steel toe, which is a steel shell that protect the toes in hazardous environments. The other common choice is composite toe boots, which include composite materials (like Kevlar, plastic, or carbon fiber) that form a shell to protect the toes. Both steel toe and composite toe usually meet ASTM standards, and can be a great choice for most work places that require toe protection.

In some work places, composite toe boots are preferred due to their lighter weight, resistance to extreme temperature changes, more safety in certain electrical hazard situations. If these factors don’t affect you, then choosing a steel toe may be a good option because they often offer greater protection and normally meet ANSI safety requirements. Two key factors when considering either steel toe or composite toe boots are their impact and compression ratings. An impact rating is a number that tells you the amount of pounds of impact the boot's safety toes will protect against. The compression rating is the loads the boot can withstand before cracking or breaking. If you are in the market for safety toe work boots, you should consider the following questions: How heavy is the equipment you will be working with? How much protection does your job require? Is boot weight/comfort an important factor (for all day wear)? Are there specific safety standards that you need to meet?