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Safety Gloves

We offer one of the most extensive collection of safety gloves on the web! No matter the industry - protecting your hands is crucial! When it comes to safety in the workplace - hand safety is one of the most important elements! Whatever job you may have - we have thousands of safety glove products for you to choose from. Whether you are welding, inspecting electronic equipment or simply are in a situation where your hands are exposed to a hazard - safety gloves are must! We have a variety of gloves for safety such as cut resistant gloves, dyneema gloves, kevlar gloves and much more! Check out the options above to find the perfect solution for you! Have a question about a specific pair of safety gloves feel free to email or call us and we will be able to help you determine the best pair for whatever the application may be. Safety gloves are not simply something that protects your hands but also provides you with the comfort of knowing that you are protected around hazardous situations. We carry some of the best brands on the market! Whether your trying to find the best MCR safety gloves, Ansell safety gloves, Salisbury safety gloves, or Ironclad safety gloves - we have you covered. We are constantly going to trade shows and examining new products to ensure that we can provide you with the best variety from economical to high end safety gloves available on the market. We want to be your number one retailer for gloves for safety on the net!

About our Safety Gloves

With our constantly evolving online store you are able to easily find latex coated Kevlar® work gloves, lightweight leather work gloves, heavy duty nitrile dipped gloveschemical resistant gloves and other hand protection depending on your specific application. Feel free to browse through the categories above or give us a call or email is if you have questions or are looking for bulk rates on your next set of safety gloves. We carry a wide variety of sizes and colors of safety gloves! See a pair of gloves that are not available for in your size? Shoot us an email and we will try to help you. Our safety gloves come in a variety of coatings and levels of cut resistance and uses. coated work gloves typically are a combination of cotton or man made knit with a coating of PVC, vinyl or nitrile to offer the user the best comfort and also provide durability over time. Whether your working as a police office looking for cut resistant gloves to ensure that when your searching someone that nothing harms you to an iron worker on the job cutting and welding metal - proper safety gloves are a must!

Choosing A Pair of Safety Gloves

When choosing a pair of safety gloves a company or individual should consider the type of work the employee will be doing, the strength of the glove, dexterity and if they are looking for any specific coatings that are sometimes required. Considering the wide array of safety gloves on the market - there are many that are designed for very specific applications. Count on us to provide you with the most reliable hand protection you and your employees require! When you protect your employees by buying them proper safety gear you are not only protecting them but their livelihood. Working in hazardous situations every day can bring up some doubt or hesitation in their work - if they are not properly equipped. Regulation also dictates in most companies that employees are required to have proper tools and proper safety gear to ensure safety. At Legion Safety we believe that safety is the number one element that every company should consider and buying your employees quality safety gloves is a first step in the right direction. We have a slew of varied number of safety products no matter the application! Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions and we will make sure that your properly equipped and safe!