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MSA C420 PAPR Kits

MSA C420 Responder PAPR MSA C420 PAPR Assembly
MSA C420 Responder PAPR MSA C420 PAPR Assembly
The MSA C420 responder PAPR Kit is a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator that includes C420 Motor-Blower Assembly, Decon Belt Assembly, Airflow indicator, Breathing Tube Assembly, LI-SO2 Single Use Battery Pack and instruction Manual (cartridges and face piece for this MSA PAPR are sold separately). The breathing tube is available in 30” or 36” lengths. The motor-blower of MSA C420 PAPR with a new LiSO2 battery installed delivers a minimum of 115 liters of air per minute for 8 hours with 2 new cartridges installed. The life minimum expectancy of the motor-blower is 1,000 hour of operation. The C420 responder PAPR must be used with two MSA cartridges of the same type. This MSA responder PAPR works with a choice of 3 cartridges: CBRN, GME Multi-gas HE, and Optifilter XL HE.

Breathing Tube

Manufacturer SKU B-60141-030
Legion Safety # MSB-60141-036-EA

This MSA powered air purifying respirator can be used with MSA Millennium or Ultra Elite tight fitting full face pieces. The canister-mounting points utilize 40-mm Nato canister compatible threaded attachments for.

  • MSA B-60141-030 - powered air purifying respirator with 30" breathing tube
  • MSA B-60141-036 - MSA PAPR with 36" breathing tube

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