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MSA Advantage 1000 Full Mask Respirator

MSA Advantage 1000 Series Full Mask Respirator
The Advantage 1000 is a full-facepiece respirator , featuring a speaking diaphragm and a flexible lightweight lens. Approved by NIOSH, the Advantage 1000 respirator is great for use in agricultural and construction applications, petrochemical and paper industries, and other consumer fields. Works with a variety of bayonet-style Advantage cartridges. The MSA Advantage 1000 full-mask respirator weighs approximately 40% less than conventional full-mask respirators and features a comfortable and soft Hycar rubber facepiece and a flexible wraparound lens that offers a superb field of view. The Advantage 1000 respirator facepiece is available in three sizes - small, medium and large, and has an in-turned lip design that provides an excellent seal for a variety of facial shapes. The flexible lens is made of urethane and is bonded to the facepiece without the use of rigid retainers, thus eliminating the uncomfortable pressure points. The Advantage 1000 respirator has a speaking diaphragm for short-range communications and a fog-reducing nosecup. The MSA Advantage 1000 full-face respirators are designed to be used to protect the wearer against dust, particulates, non-IDLH toxic vapors and various nuisance odors. Uses the standard Advantage series bayonet style cartridges.

Respirator Size


Manufacturer SKU 805414
Legion Safety # MS805414-EA

The features and benefits of MSA Advantage 1000 Full Mask Respirator:

  • Cost-efficient full-face respirator is made of soft Hycar rubber and features urethane lens for comfort and an excellent fit
  • Standard nosecup helps decrease lens fogging, while the mechanical speaking diaphragm promotes good communication
  • Fully elastic, six-point head harness allows easy on/off
  • Facepiece comes in three sizes for exact fit

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