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Knipex Insulating Plastic Slip-On Caps - for Bare Live Wires

Knipex Tools Insulating Plastic Slip-On Caps
Made by Knipex for protection during live working, these 1,000 V insulating plastic slip-on caps cover bare cable ends that are live, for user safety. The maximum cable diameter that these caps accommodate is 25/64". These conically shaped, plastic caps come in three conductor keys, to allow the operator to differentiate between the caps-and the corresponding cables they cover. An excellent accessory for the electrician's safety.

Slip-on Cap Options


Manufacturer SKU 98-65-0X
Legion Safety # KX98-65-01-EA

Knipex insulating plastic slip-on caps have the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated, usable for live working
  • Intended to cover bare live cable ends (maximum 25/64" diameter
  • Conical shape
  • Made out of plastic

Insulating plastic slip-on cap variations:

  • Knipex 98 65 01 is conductor key 1, 3" (80 mm) in length
  • 98 65 02 is conductor key 2, 3" (80 mm) in length
  • 98 65 03 is conductor key 3, 3" (80 mm) in length

Knipex Insulating Plastic Slip-On Caps - for Bare Live Wires Comments