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Insulated Work Boots

Legion Safety offers a large variety of insulated work boots. Made by RefrigiWear out of top-notch materials, our insulated boots provide the wearer with outstanding quality and excellent performance. Designed for a range of environments, our insulated work boots are available in a variety of comfort ranges. These durable boots will become on of your most prized possessions on those chilly work days. Our insulated boots may also offer a number of other features, such as water-resistance, slip-resistance, safety toes, and so on. Several boot models come in women's sizes. The insulated work boots will keep your feet comfortable and your mood good, even when the weather gets disagreeable.
Our insulated boots come in the following types:
  • Leather work boots: These insulated work boots are crafted out of leather and can also be waterproof, slip-resistant, and feature safety toes. Some are available in women's sizes.
  • Pac boots: These boots are made out of both leather and rubber materials and offer outstanding insulation and water protection. These boots may have slip-resistant soles and safety toes. Pac boots require pac liners which provide additional warmth and comfort.