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Flame Resistant Coveralls - Workrite & CPA

Flame resistant coveralls could be your last line of defense when faced with a workplace fire. Burn injuries affect thousands of workers every year and many of them could have been prevented with proper FR clothing. Our company is committed to providing professionals with high-grade protective clothing designed to reduce the danger posed by fire. Overalls provide exceptional protection to the lower torso and legs. When combined with a protective fire resistant jacket they can provide comprehensive protection that will keep workers safe from full body vulnerabilities. Get your next pair of flame resistant coveralls today! Our inventory of coveralls can provide protection from electrical arc, chemical combustion, and flammable material fires. With a product line capable of outfitting a wide range of industrial professions, we focus on providing items that can deliver both comfort and protection. A split second is all it takes to suffer life changing burns – choosing an ideal pair of flame resistant coveralls will ensure that exposure to the threat of fire is limited. Order your pair of FR coveralls today!

About our Flame Resistant Coveralls

Flame resistant coveralls are effective because of their ability to self extinguish after being exposed to the source of a fire. Manufactures like Nomex®, and Indura have developed specialized materials that will not ignite when exposed to high temperatures or electrical arcs. Each of these brands has developed a proprietary synthetic fiber that contains specific properties of strength, comfort, and flame resistance. These materials achieve fire resistance with their benign chemical structure and microscopic weave pattern, while remaining lightweight and breathable for the user. It is crucial that you become familiar with the risks that are present in your working environment to choose a product that will deliver optimal safety results. In the United States, employers typically use the standards outlined in the Hazard Risk Categories (HRC), which range on a scale from 0 to 4. The areas of highest risk are those designated by a 4, which require multiple layers of FR clothing. We have some of the best pricing on fire resistant coveralls on the net! For electrical protection, the Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) designates the level of arc burn the overalls can handle. Workers in the electrical industry are generally provided with a minimum ATPV value that their clothing should meet or exceed. Understanding the level of fire protection you require in your clothing is the first step towards staying safe in the workplace. Once you've analyzed your needs, Legion Safety provides everything you need to remain fully protected from occupational fire hazards. Not only will you be protected, but you will also find exceptional comfort in our high quality appeal. Workers for a wide variety of industrial backgrounds rely on our product expertise to remain shielded from fire exposure. Our team is ready to discuss your safety goals and help you pick out the perfect set of flame resistant coveralls. If you don't see a particular color or size available on our site - please feel free to reach out to us and we can help! Also if your looking for bulk rates or have any questions at all about any of our FR overalls - please reach out to us!