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Fire Resistant Shirts - Workrite, Occunomix & CPA

Extreme working environments often necessitate the use of fire resistant shirts. Our diverse selection of protective safety clothing allow you to choose from an assortment of colors, styles, and fabrics to suit your exact needs. Fire protection is often a crucial safety element for electricians, paper manufacturers, refinery workers, and many more. The risk of fire is present in many industrial scenarios and it is essential to have safety clothing that can reduce the risk of serious burn injuries. Protecting your upper body from fire does not have to be awkward. We offer a variety of pocket layouts, stitch designs, and collar styles to keep you protected without sacrificing comfort or style. It only takes a fraction of a second for a flame to cause permanent damage to your body and wearing a fire resistant shirt combined with a quality fr jacket could be the accessory that saves your life. Get your flame resistant shirt today!

About our Fire Resistant Shirts

How do fire resistant shirts provide protection? Most importantly, FR clothing has the ability to self extinguish when the ignition source has been removed. If you become exposed to a fire, the garment will not continue burning after you manage to remove yourself from the flames. Unlike the standard 100% cotton shirt, the material does not add additional fuel to fire. Several different materials are proven to be effective at hitting this target, including Tecasafe, Nomex®, Indura, and Indura Ultrasoft. Each material offers a certain combination of comfort, flame resistance, and strength. It is important to analyze your specific risk to fire exposure to choose a fabric that will be ideal for your application. For example, an electrician who is exposed to electrical arcs will require a shirt with different properties than a pharmaceutical worker who is exposed to a chemical fire. It is important to become familiar with the Hazard Risk Categories (HRC), which range on a scale from 0 to 4. Category 0 has no requirement for flame retardant clothing, while category 4 requires double layers of full body protective garments. In most cases, employers will set a minimum standard of protective clothing that must be worn in the workplace with a corresponding HRC number. If you work in the electrical industry, you must also consider the Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) of a FR shirt. This metric provides the maximum capability for arc-flash protection as measured in calories per centimeter squared. Once you have determined the ideal level of fire protection, you can shop our selection of practical, yet stylish shirts. Legion Safety is dedicated to keeping professionals safe from workplace hazards by providing premium protective gear for virtually any application. Give our experts a call to answer any questions you have about fire resistant shirts. Also if you have any questions about bulk orders or if a size or a specific color of a shirt is not available - please reach out to us!