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Fire Resistant Pants - Workrite, Occunomix & CPA

Wearing a pair of fire resistant pants is essential for protecting the lower body against the dangers of workplace fires. Thousands of employees throughout the United States are hospitalized with burn injuries every year. Wearing fire resistant clothing designed to mitigate the risk of injuries caused by fire is often your last line of defense during an emergency. Our store specializes in protective clothing that caters to the needs of a wide range of dangerous occupations. We provide garments designed for comfort and style, yet fully protected from the extreme threat posed by fire. Order your set of fr pants today! Shoppers will find products geared towards electrical technicians, chemical plant workers, paper manufacturers, and many more. Various sizes, colors, and pocket configurations are available to meet the requirements of any practical application. The perfect set of fire resistant pants should have an optimal balance between protection, comfort, style, and strength.

About Our Fire Resistant Pants

What makes fire resistant pants an effective safety tool? The primary feature of any fire resistant garment is its ability to self extinguish. If the safety clothing becomes exposed to an ignition source, such as an electrical arc or open flame, it will not continue burning after the source is removed. In contrast, a pair of jeans would continue to burn until an external force extinguished the fire. Unfortunately, the person wearing the jeans would have likely experienced severe burn injuries by the time the fire was put out. Some popular clothing materials, such as nylon, will melt on the victim's body, further increasing the likelihood of a disfiguring injury. In order to achieve FR performance in clothing, manufactures have developed tightly woven synthetic materials that are incombustible when exposed to fire or electrical arcs. Order your next pair of fr pants today! A small group of manufacturers have patented technology that exhibits fire resistant qualities, including Tecasafe, Nomex, and Indura. Although these materials will not allow you to walk through fire, they will prevent you from burning uncontrollably if exposed to an ignition source. Many employers in high-risk fields have placed strict requirements on the use of protective clothing. As a guideline, the Hazard Risk Categories (HRC) system has been established to create minimum requirements for occupations with a significant fire danger. Your employer will likely require that you wear clothing that meets a HRC standard on a scale of 0 to 4. In the electrical field, professionals must also consider the Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) of their pants. This value is the fabric's ability to absorb an arc-flash incident and is measured in calories per centimeter squared. Not matter what the situation, our vast collection of fire resistant clothing will provide you with both safety and amenity. Start by browsing our amazing selection of fire resistant pants and feel free to contact us with any questions.