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Nomex® IIIA Coveralls

Nomex® coveralls provide unsurpassed durability and longevity among most other fire resistant clothing. Made of the strong Nomex® fabrics, most Nomex® IIIA coveralls are able to withstand fire and arc flashes. Legion Safety offers fire resistant coveralls in a selection of styles and with a range of fabric weights, ensuring choices based on economy, coolness and ventilation, durability and level of protection. Please call us if you would like to order one of our work coveralls and need to clarify some information about them first.

Check out our Indura Ultra Soft coveralls as an alternative to Nomex® - the cotton based Indura fabric provides a softer feel, better ventilation and moisture management, and a more economical price; though the expected life of those garments is slightly lower at 2-3 years instead of 3-5 years as for Nomex® IIIA.

We would be happy to provide pricing for bulk users of Nomex® IIIA coveralls - please email us your requirements and we will quickly send you a quote back.