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Fire Resistant Jackets - Workrite, Steiner, Occunomix & CPA

Fire resistant jackets are required in some of the most dangerous environments for workers. Choosing a flame resistant jacket that offers ample protection from fire is a critical decision for many companies and their employees. Whether you're faced with high voltage electrical components or combustible industrial chemicals, wearing the proper safety clothing could be the factor that saves your life. Legion Safety carries an impressive variety of jackets to suit the diverse needs of the industrial community. You will find that you do not need to give up comfort or style to obtain the fire protection your trade requires. We believe that it is important that you purchase clothing that you enjoy wearing on the job. An entire range of colors, designs, pocket layouts, and materials allow you to find your ideal fire resistant jackets that fits your personal tastes. Get your fr jacket today!

About our Fire Resistant Jackets

The capability to self extinguish is the defining feature of fire resistant jackets. Using tightly woven synthetic materials, these garments will not continue to burn after being exposed to an open flame. A group of synthetic fibers have been tested to meet this self-extinguishing requirement - offered under the brand names of Nomex, Indura, and Indura Ultrasoft. The advanced properties of these fabrics will prevent the spread of fire if exposed to an ignition source. In contrast, a cotton or polyester shirt will continue to provide energy to the fire. If you are the unlucky individual wearing unprotected clothing, you are likely to sustain far more serve burn injuries from fire exposure. This is why we recommend pairing your next fr jacket with a quality fire resistant shirt! In theory, an individual wearing a flame resistant outfit would only sustain injuries from the energy of the original ignition source. In an effort to protect the safety of their workers, employers will often publish minimum requirements for fire resistant clothing. The industry standard for this practice follows the guidelines set in the Hazard Risk Categories (HRC), which ranges on a scale of 0 to 4. A category rating of 0 signifies that there is no fire risk and protective clothing is not required. On the other end, a rating of 4 requires double-layered fire resistant clothing to combat the most high-risk situations. In areas at risk of electrical fire, an Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) rating may also be required. This rating determines the amount of arc-flash protection that is offered by the jacket. It is important to become educated on the fire dangers that your workplace presents on a daily basis and choose clothing that is tailored to your unique occupational environment. Our store has a massive inventory of fr jackets that can deliver reliable protection and constant comfort in the most hazardous of places. Have questions? Contact our experts for help picking out the perfect fire resistant jacket. Also if you have any questions regarding sizes or availability for bulk order - we ask that you reach out to us and a customer service representative will be able to help you right away!