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Fall Safety Lanyards

Legion Safety offers a wide variety of fall protection lanyards from Miller Safety, DBI Sala/Capital Safety and MSA. Our safety lanyard selection includes a variety of products including those designed specifically for construction applications, applications that present arc or fire hazards, and numerous other jobs that require fall arrest gear for height safety. The wide selection of shock-absorbing lanyards that we have utilizes various technologies to arrest the fall and reduce impact such as the tearing action or stretching. Please select your safety lanyard and other fall safety gear for working at heights with care to ensure that it is suitable for the weight of user and the application that you plan to use it on.

  • DBI Sala EZ Stop II Shock Absorbing LanyardDBI Sala EZ Stop II Shock Absorbing LanyardThe DBI Sala EZ Stop II Shock-Absorbing Lanyard is versatile, durable and protects effectively against sudden falls. With snap-hooks on both ends, it's durable construction can be used in a variety of environments and industries. Both single leg and twin$95.30each
  • DBI Sala EZ Stop III LanyardDBI Sala EZ Stop III LanyardThe DBI Sala EZ Stop III Lanyward is lightweight, durable and easy to use, making it a good choice for all industries protecting against sudden falls.$81.80each
  • DBI Sala Force2 Shock Absorbing LanyardDBI Sala Force2 Shock Absorbing LanyardThe DBI Sala Force2 Shock-Absorbing Lanyard is suitable for situations when there is no overhead and workers must tie back at their feet. Its impressive shock absorbers protect up to 12 feet of free fall and meet or exceed all OHSA standards.$111.10each
  • DBI Sala ShockWave2 Arc Flash Lanyard - Nomex® / Kevlar® BlendDBI Sala ShockWave2 Arc Flash Lanyard - Nomex® / Kevlar® Blend$165.00each
  • DBI Sala ShockWave2 Shock Absorbing LanyardsDBI Sala ShockWave2 Shock Absorbing LanyardsThe DBI Sala Shockwave 2 Shock-Absorbing Lanyard features a unique tubular webbing that shields its shock-absorbing core. The layard stretches by 50%, from 4' to 6' in order to protect against falls and dragging.$90.80each
  • DBI Sala ShockWave2 Web Loop Arc Flash Lanyard - Nomex® / Kevlar® BlendDBI Sala ShockWave2 Web Loop Arc Flash Lanyard - Nomex® / Kevlar® Blend6 ft. (1.8m) single-leg with elastic Nomex®/Kevlar® fiber webbing and web loop choker at one end, snap hook at other end.$170.00each
  • DBI Sala WrapBax 2 Tie-Back Shock Absorbing LanyardDBI Sala WrapBax 2 Tie-Back Shock Absorbing LanyardThe DBI Sala WrapBax 2 Lanyard is designed for tie-back use, with a unique hook design making it easily differentiated from standard snap hooks to eliminate confusion.$120.10each
  • Miller Arc Rated Lanyard - Shock AbsorbingMiller Arc Rated Lanyard - Shock AbsorbingShock absorbing arc rated lanyard is available in single or twin-leg options. This 6' lanyard made of Kevlar®.$112.50each
  • MSA FP Diamond Shock Absorbing LanyardMSA FP Diamond Shock Absorbing LanyardThe MSA FP Diamond lanyard is the simple answer to fall protection and prevention scenarios. It is CSA certified and meets the OSHA and ANSI regulations for a wide variety of industries.$56.70each
  • MSA Tie-Back Shock Absorbing Lanyard FP5KMSA Tie-Back Shock Absorbing Lanyard FP5KThis shock-absorbing lanyard provides unparalled fall protection with its unique design and Monster Edge webbing material. Comes in both a single leg and twin leg style. Meets all OHSA and ANSI standards in all industries.$97.10each
  • MSA Workman Energy Absorbing LanyardMSA Workman Energy Absorbing LanyardThe MSA Workman Energy Absorbing Lanyard offers total protection for both user and anchor equipment in case of sudden fall. Built with sturdy, lightweight materials, this lanyard is CSA certified and meets or exceeds applicable OHSA and ANSI standards.$46.70each