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Fall Protection Equipment

fall protection equpiment

Legion Safety offers a great variety of fall protection equipment for numerous applications, including construction fall arrest gear, arc flash fall protection, roof fall safety, and other high quality gear for working at heights. Please browse our selection of lanyards, harnesses, and other fall safety equipment that might be useful in reducing or eliminating possible injuries that pose a threat to professionals that work at dangerous heights. Our personal fall arrest systems from Capital Safety, DBI Sala, Miller Safety, and MSA provide a great variety of combinations of comfort, fall safety, ease of use, versatility and price.

We hope that you will easily find the fall arrest gear that you require in our store. If you may feel that you need to clarify some of your questions, we will be happy to provide additional information on our equipment for fall protection. Please call us at (866) 781-3892 if you are not finding a standard product from one of the manufacturers whose fall safety equipment we sell and we will be happy to provide you with a custom quote. We are also able to provide discounts on our PPE to corporate customers with high-volume demands - please inquire about the possibility of additional savings on your fall arrest gear and other safety equipment and we will do our best to provide the most competitive package deal for you.