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Cut Resistant Gloves - Aramid, Dyneema, Leather Palm & more!

Legion Safety brings you one of the best varieties of cut resistant gloves on the market. Our high quality gloves will will protect your hands from cuts, scratches and punctures. Protecting an employee or a worker's hands during the handling of materials such as sheet metal, glass, or other sharp elements is critical. Utilizing proper cut resistant gloves such as Dyneema or aramid gloves will ensure their safety. Our wide selection of cut resistant gloves are available in a variety of materials such as Dyneema, Kevlar®, Spectra and many others. We are constantly on the hunt to find a better cut resistant glove to ensure that you have the latest technology and that you are always safe!

About Our Cut Resistant Gloves

To add on to the existing technology of our cut resistant material their are a variety of coatings that are offered such as palm or patching. These coatings are crucial for prolonging the high quality of the material as well as providing functional griping. When it comes to coating one should also consider the fact that it helps with abrasion resistance and ensure that the gloves provide puncture protection. At Legion Safety we try to examine every application that these gloves may be used for and because of that we offer gloves that are Kevlar® lining, palm coated kevlar, palm coated Dyneema and much more! Don't see what your looking for? Feel free to give us a call or email us anytime and we will ensure that whatever slash resistant gloves your looking for - whatever the application - our seasoned specialist will help you out! Next time your looking for a pair of Dyneema gloves give us a call!

We understand that safety is not the only concern but comfort is also just as critical when picking out the best cut resistant gloves! A lot of the safety gloves we offer feature high performance yarns that have the properties of being strong, and yet thin and light to provide the individual the highest degree of comfort and dexterity at the same time! Depending on the application - our slash resistant gloves range in cut levels of 1 to 5 providing the best protection and comfort every time. We offer some of the best brands of Aramid gloves ranging from Superior Glove Works, Ansell HyFlex, and MCR Safety. Are you looking for cut resistance gloves brand that we don't carry? Give us a call and we will do our best to add the brand or if you have any questions about bulk ordering.

Puncture resistant gloves are designed for a varied number of applications ranging from metal fabrication, food handling, household cleaning to working in the medical field. There is a lot of variety in cut resistant gloves ranging from the material to the thickness, color, and length. Puncture resistant gloves such as Kevlar® gloves have a wide array of uses such as law enforcement. Law enforcement are often required to pat down a potential suspect and if that officer does not have a set of puncture resistant gloves - they may be hurt or even infected. We have some cut resistant gloves that are compliant with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Give us a call if you are looking for a specific qualification for your next pair of cut resistant gloves.

Aramid Gloves

Aramid gloves are great for hazardous conditions that involve flames or fires because of their non melting properties - keeping your hands safe at all times! Kevlar® gloves are pretty varied based on the application you are looking to tackle - from the different types of coatings to a varied number of modifications for each industry. Aramid gloves can often be worn under other clothing to provide you with an additional layer of cut resistance.

Dyneema Gloves

Dyneema gloves are strong lightweight and also comfortable - the perfect combination for any work glove! They are also very durable which can in return provide your workers with protection while also saving money because they can be laundered! Please keep in mind that Dyneema yarn is not intended for protection from heat as their melting point is around only 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius), whereas Kevlar® gloves can normally withstand over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Dyneema gloves are the solution to the emergency, service, manufacturing, food production industries and many more! They are very durable and comfortable and let one of our customer reps help you pick out the perfect pair for your next job!

What are cut resistant gloves?

While it may seem that all the cut resistant gloves offer protection they do vary a lot based on a lot of variables such as the coatings and the specific fibers used. Also keep in mind that puncture resistant gloves are not the same thing as cut resistant gloves. Keep these elements in mind when considering your next purchase of cut resistant gloves! Seamless knitted gloves are typically coated with materials such as Latex, Nitrile or Polyurethane. The cut resistance of a glove is evaluated by the EN388 or the ISO 13997 standard.

Get your next pair of cut resistant gloves today! If you have any questions about a specific pair or brand or are interested in bulk orders for your shop or company - feel free to contact us anytime and a customer service representative will be able to assist you!

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