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NFPA 70E Arc Flash Suits

Arc flash suits are one of Legion Safety's specialties. We offer great prices on a huge selection of NFPA 70e compliant arc suits in different calorie ratings and in different styles. You can browse our suits by protection level - look at the HRC 2, 3 and 4 rated suits by clicking one of the categories above to see our extensive offering.

We can interchange some of the components of our protective suits if you need and provide additional sizes that may not always be listed on our site - please call or email us with your request and we will see if we can customize your arc flash suit for your needs, whether it may involve removing one of the items to save money, replacing an item with something else, getting special sizing or providing something else unique to your needs. Also take a look at our electrical glove kits if you need spare lineman gloves for your suit and our 1000V rated insulated tools for your electrical tool needs. If you want some advise on figuring if a suit with coat and leggings, jacket and pants or coverall would work best for your application - call our tech support at 866-781-3892, extension 3 and we will do our best to help.

There are many different arc flash rated suits - styles, calorie ratings - so it may sometimes be tough to pick the right one for your application. Our company carries most arc suits of different Hazard Risk Categories in 4 general styles - with jacket and bib overall, with jacket and waist-length pants, long coat and leggings, and coverall. Different styles have their positives and negatives, besides their cost differences that are, obviously, more clear. So which arc flash suit is right for your job? Here are some basics that may help you decide:

Suits with jacket and bib overalls are normally the most expensive option as they require the most material. However, at the same time they are in a way the most versatile - due to easy adjustability of waist and suspender length they can fit several people of slightly different sizes that may need to use the suit at different times, they allow freedom of movement, the jacket can be easily taken off during break to cool off.

Jacket and pants suits are slightly more economical than jacket/bib, but the pants that come with these suits actually need to sit on the worker's waist. Thus, there is a bit less variation in waist sizes that can be accommodated by a single suit, even though all pants have Velcro adjustment tabs on waist that let the user change the circumference by up to a few inches.

Coat and legging arc flash suits are the best choice for most applications involving a quick activity, such as switch pulling or quick inspections - if you need to put on a suit to perform a quick operation and don't want to spend time putting the suit on and then removing it, then this style might be the jackpot. Basically, you are saving time on putting on pants, which is the most troublesome operation. The leggings on these suits have Velcro on the back, so they take just need to be wrapped around the leg and closed. This type of suit might also be good for long jobs where you can take breaks - easily take off the coat during break and cool off, no extra layers on your entire legs from pants or bibs. Making it even better for quick tasks like switchpulling is the fact that a coat and leggings could fit the widest variety of workers - waist size and height are not such a limiting factor since the coat had plenty of overlap with leggings (allowing height differences) and nothing needs to be fitted to the waist. When it comes to kneeling down, however, long coats may be troublesome - they really work best only for standing up operations.

Arc flash suits with coveralls are normally the most economical but are also the most tailored fit - mainly because they have a fixed distance from crotch to shoulders. They are also the most troublesome to get in and out of. However, for longer jobs where the most freedom of movement is needed they may often be best. Coverall arc flash kits are Legion Safety's most popular style for 12 calorie suits.