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Arc Flash Kits

Arc flash kits from Legion Safety are meant to accompany the use of our arc rated clothing in special application that require additional protection. If you are looking for arc flash rated full body suits – please click on the arc flash suits category to browse the HRC 2, HRC 3 and HRC 4 suits that we have available.

Legion Safety offers multiple arc flash kits designed for protection and comfort. Arc flash suits are sets of arc flash personal protective equipment that provide electric arc flash protection from head to toe. A typical suit includes arc NFPA 70e compliant and properly rated clothing, electrical insulated gloves, and safety head wear. We offer a variety of arc-flash kit options to meet your arc-flash program's safety and budget requirements. Chicago Protective arc flash suits and kits that we provide meet NFPA 70E / ASTM F 1506 standards for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Check out our selection of arc flash rainwear if you need protection from inclement weather - this type of rain wear can be worn on top of regular fire resistant uniforms. Our selection of 1000V insulated tool kits might also be of interest for any professional electrician that needs high quality tools that will last for a long time.

Lineman PPE kits from CPA feature various combinations of rubber insulating gloves, face and head protection, and full body protection - and range in calorie ratings from 8 cal/cm2 to 74 cal/cm2. CPA arc flash protective gear sets can cover the needs of most electricians that require a kit for protection from arc flashes. Some of our arc flash kits come with a convenient bag that keeps all of their components together.

Clothing for electricians helps protect the wearer from severe arc flash burns that might be possible in case of an accident. All our kits are made with self-extinguishing materials that minimized burns and injuries. Watch out for applications that involve dealing with flammable chemicals as most materials may absorb chemicals and become flammable - ask us about our solutions for dealing with such applications. We suggest always wearing appropriate arc flash PPE when working with electricity, but hope that you will never actually encounter an accident. Good luck on the job!

If you require an arc flash suit, then perhaps there is a chance of a flash actually taking place. Though a proper arc flash suit is designed to minimize burn injuries, they might still be possible - as small as burns may be, they are inconvenient and painful, so it may be useful to have a burn kit handy in case of a minor accident.