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Otterlayer aluminized coat, Reflex, 45" long, C23-ARX

Otterlayer aluminized coat C23-ARX Otterlayer aluminized jacket or coat band collar detail C23-ARX
Otterlayer aluminized coat C23-ARX Otterlayer aluminized jacket or coat band collar detail C23-ARX

Otterlayer high heat coat model C23-ARX is a great primary protection layer for people that work in environments where they are subjected to high radiant heat and possible contact with hot objects, including application dealing with molten metals. The detachable sleeve coat design allows you to have different thicknesses or types of materials on coat and sleeves, depending on needed protection and material thickness. Furthermore, if sleeves are the higher-wear part of the coat, you cna simply replace the sleeves once they wear out and save considerable money by not needing to replace the entire coat as often.

Coat Size


Manufacturer SKU C23-ARX
Legion Safety # OTC23-ARX-SM

Features of Otterlayer foundry and aluminized coats with snap-on sleeves:

  • Sleeves attached with metal snaps above the elbow, allowing easy sleeve replacement and secure attachment
  • Metal snap front closure with pull tabs to allow easy removal
  • Stand-up collar to protect part of the neck and reduce risk of sparks or particles from splashing under the collar
  • Sleeves have snaps at wrists, to tighten openings at wrists for better fit with gauntlet style gloves
  • Available in various lengths to accomodate different protective needs and allow combinations of full body protection that are most convenient and effective for a particular situation

The key to Aluminized Reflex's protective qualities is the speed and ease in which molten metal droplets can roll away from its surface. This is due to the unique way the fabric is built. Aluminized ReflexTM is composed of a series of layers, starting with a silicone-coated base layer, followed by aluminum pigments and finished with a lacquer coating. If molten metal hits the fabric, it will meet the lacquer layer which protects the aluminum pigments from melting. The surface remains smooth instead of forming the mounds that can trap the molten metal.

Protective properties of aluminized Reflex clothing material:

  • Light, comfortable and flexible
  • Unique construction which provides outstanding resistance to molten metal splash
  • High contact heat resistance
  • Limited abrasion resistance
  • Protects against molten aluminum and molten iron
  • Great for radiant heat protection - up to 2000°F

Fabric composition and characteristics:

  • 70% PANOX® and 30% para-aramid
  • Fabric Weight: 9 oz. / sq. yd.

Otterlayer aluminized coat, Reflex, 45" long, C23-ARX Comments