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Heat Resistant Gloves

Legion Safety Products offers a variety of heat resistant gloves, mittens and sleeves, such as terry cloth gloves and terry cloth sleeves. The terry cloth high heat gloves are made from napped fabric to provide excellent insulation, abrasion resistance and some protection from cuts and slashes. Napping, in the case of fabric, refers to the process of pulling-up of the fibers from the base weave, giving the cloth a raised, fuzzy surface – somewhat similar to bath towels. Napping can face either inside or outside, named Nap-in and Nap-out, respectively. The Nap-in style performs better and has better longevity in situations when abrasion is a problem, due to smoother outer surface, but the Nap-out style is more popular in simple hot applications, providing excellent heat resistance and a better grip in oily and greasy applications.

Terry cloth safety work gloves are breathable and provide a good fit and full dexterity, giving workers less hand fatigue and enhancing productivity. The air cell construction of the napped loops creates an air cushion – soft and comfortable with excellent insulation with great perspiration absorption. All terry cloth work gloves and sleeves are washable and most high heat gloves are reversible for durability and extended wear.
Terry cloth heat resistant gloves and sleeves are designed for low to high heat work environments, with popular applications including steel manufacturing, small and large castings handling, metal stamping, automotive and mechanic applications, glass handling, refining, injection molding, foundries and industrial processing, sheet metal handling and other applications in hot environments or for handling sharp or rough metal parts.
We also provide a variety of Aluminized Heat Resistant Gloves.

Legion Safety Products carries heat resistant terry cloth work gloves and sleeves from Chicago Protective Apparel and MCR Safety (Memphis Glove)

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