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Knipex Tools

Knipex tool company is known for their high quality tools made of premium, resilient steels. Made in Germany under stringent quality control, Knipex tools are among the most reliable and versatile on the market, with long-lasting rust preventing surface treatments, flexible and strong steels that retain shape even if abused.

Legion Safety offers great deals on insulated tools from Knipex and works hard to present them to you in a manner that is easy to browse through. We hope that our detailed images and descriptions with specifications will help you make sure that you get the correct products for your needs.

Knipex offers a huge selection of quality work tools including different styles of pliers, cutters, wrenches and more. A variety of insulated tool kits are also available for electricians and linemen that need a convenient and versatile set of tools for work in applications that might have live electricity.

The roots of Knipex go far - the company was originally founded in 1882 by Carl Gustav Putsch to manufacture pliers in Germany. Throughout the years the company steadily grew, increasing sales and production capabilities and building a reputation of unwavering quality. In 1973 Knipex developed the first self-locking water pump pliers, and improved on that design in 1984 by adding a possibility of finely adjusting the grip using a button. Other engineering achievements of Knipex tool company include a lever action mechanism used on bolt cutters that allowed to increase the applied force by up to 20 times compared to prior designs, pliers for locking on smooth surfaces without damaging them, and many more improvements in mechanical and material engineering.