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3M CBRN Canister FR-15-CBRN

3M CBRN Canister FR-15-CBRN
3M FR-15-CBRN canister is NIOSH CBRN certified and has been tested against military protocols and found to be effective against a number of different chemical warfare agents and industrial chemicals. This 3M CBRN gas mask canister contains a P100 filter that removes solid and liquid aerosols including biological and radiological particles. It also contains activated and treated carbon to absorb or react with gases and liquid vapors. This canister is designed for first responder applications commonly found in law enforcement, fire and emergency response (paramedics) environments.


Manufacturer SKU FR-15-CBRN
Legion Safety # MMFR-15-CBRN-PK

The 3M CBRN Canister FR-15CBRN is 99.97% efficient against oil and non-oil based particulats. If used with 3M FR-M40B Full Facepiece, this canister completes a CBRN-approved system. Otherwise, this 3M gas mask canister can be used with 3M FR-M40 facepiece along with optional Eyepiece Outserts and Second Skin to make a CBRN-approved system. Finally, this canister can also be used on a CBRN-approved system if combined with 3M FR-7800B gas mask facepiece.

Canister has a shelf life is 5 years.

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